• Wednesday March Isis Residency

    Hey Folks! We are excited to be the artist in residency at the Isis in West Asheville. For the first 3 Wednesdays of March we will be performing with different conglomerations of The Moon and You . Over the past few years we have collaborated with many of the amazing musicians in the area. These …

  • Our first ConcertWindow show went great – thanks for coming!

    Mark your calendar for this Monday night at 8:30pm – The Moon and You is doing something new! We will be playing a LIVE WEBCAST concert on www.ConcertWindow.com. You can tune in for a suggested donation (just $1 minimum) and watch us play live from the comfort of your home; it’s like a house concert, but with zero effort. While you watch the show, you can also live chat with us – send requests, fawning adoration, dirty jokes, whatever. It’s a completely interactive experience. The best part is, you don’t have to put on pants or go outside or anything stupid like that.
    If you haven’t seen The Moon and You in a while and would like to hear some new tunes, old favorites and awkward stage banter from our living room, tune in Monday night for our ConcertWindow debut! It’ll make you feel just like this lucky-ass pie.

    HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SHOW: https://www.concertwindow.com/12597-the-moon-and-you
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  • The Last of the Moon Undies

    We sold our last pair of (signed, of course) Moon Undies at Blue Heaven in Key West last week! It’s the end of an era… until we find more undies in bulk that we can screenprint… Thank you so much to everyone who bought CDs, shirts and undies on this tour! We sold more Moon …

  • New Video: The Rolling Baby Blanket of the Blue