End of year update


Friends!  What a year it has been!  We are currently escaping the no-see-ums (tiny bloodsucking bugs under the control of Voldemort/Sauron/Trump), sitting in a coffee shop in Key West. We have been on tour for the past week in South FL and the Keys, enjoying both plentiful gigs and lots of beach bumming.

As it has for many, 2016 has been a year of struggle and growth for The Moon and You that has only increased our determination. In Jun we released our first full-length album, A White Light that Sings, with an accompanying performance art night featuring puppets, burlesque, acrobatics, and flying tuna sandwiches (dont ask). We’ve recorded a second full-length album called Endless Maria, lush with string arrangements and unexpected orchestration, due out March 2017. Unstoppably prolific and eternally restless, we are already back in the studio at work on a third project (!) set for a fall/winter 2017 release. We also celebrated a successful second tour to Europe this year, where we met all kinds of wonderful people and took part in many foolhardy shenanigans.

In 2017 we hope to continue on the same arc of filling the world with music, laughter, and general wierdness. While the world goes through seismic political shifts and our democracy seems at risk, we are determined also to stand clearly and proudly for what is right and what is true. We are fully pledged to using our art to help make this troubled world more loving and peaceful, and to stand up for those who are at risk and afraid.

As always, our gratitude and love goes out to everyone who has kept our wheels turning and our hearts and bellies full. We couldn’t live this crazy nomad’s life without you coming to our shows, letting us sleep on your floor, and sharing your encouragement and joy in what we do. We can’t wait to see you again, down the road a ways!

All the best,

Ryan and Melissa

The Moon and You